Shandong University – Helmholtz Institute of Biotechnology

Shandong University (SDU) and The Helmholtz Center for Infection Research (HZI) have been bridged through Prof. Dr. Youming Zhang, director of State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology in Shandong University, and Prof. Dr. Rolf Mueller, director of the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland. To further extend the cooperation between SDU and HZI, both parties agree to set up a joint Institute:
Shandong University - Helmholtz institute of Biotechnology (SHIB)
This joint Institute will cooperate with State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology in Shandong University , HZI/HIPS and possibly further health research centers of the
Helmholtz Association. Both parties will perform the joint projects, exchange the researchers, exchange the scientific information, publish the joint publications and
share the outcome Intellectual properties under the claims of a cooperation agreement.

The Research Direction of Joint Institute.
1. Establish molecular biotechnology platform of DNA modification of macromolecules.
2. The application of our Recombineering Technology on humanized animals, to provide theoretical and practical tools for drug targeted therapy.
3. The study of microbial secondary metabolites, including the transformation and ascension of existing gene related drug production and exploring new active substances from the sequence of known or unknown silence gene cluster, to keep us the international leading position in the field.
4. To expand the application of DNA Recombineering Technology platform, to use microorganisms for gene expression and purification of anti-tumor drugs, for the research and application of tumor targeted delivery.
5. Pharmaceutical chemistry modification and application of natural products. A lot of naturally occurring drugs in vitro activity are very good, but in vivo, the application effect is not obvious, through drug chemical modification can solve many problems.
6. The use of microorganisms for vivo expression of antibacterial peptide, anti-aging and anti-cholesterol active peptide.
7. Further study the mechanism of DNA homologous recombination, promote the technology development, to keep us international leading position in the field.

Shandong University – Helmholtz Institute of Biotechnology
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